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Where To Find Only

This isn’t our complete list. We wish we had one, cross referenced by postal code, and capable of sending email reminders when the paper is out. But it isn’t. It’s the back of an old envelope we gave Distro Kevin back in September. Count yourself lucky we didn’t just scan it.

We would LOVE suggestions on drop-off locations. Just use the COMMENT link and tell us where you think we should be.

Don’t forget to tip your distro guy when he comes by.


Langara 49th @ Ontario (Front racks, SUB)

Red Cat Records

My Orange Bag – 4332 Main St.

The Grind – 4124 Main St.

Locus – 4121 Main St.

The Reef – 4172 Main St.

Mod to Modern – 3712 Main St.

Smoking Lily – 3634 Main St.

Motherland Clothing – 2539 Main St.

Soma Coffee Shop – 2528 Main St.

Lugs – 2525 Main St.

Database – 183 East Broadway St.

Antisocial – 2425 Main St.

Aurora Bistro – Main St.

The Whip (6th @ Main)


Jack`s Hair Co. For Guys – 3386 Cambie

Park Theatre (50 copies)

Black Dog Video

Kino Cafe



Alpha Video


Joe’s Cafe

Black Dog Video


Cafe de Soleil – 1393 Commercial St.

Clove – 2054 Commercial St.

Juicy Lucy – 1420 Commercial Drive


Union Market

Pat’s Pub


Alibi Room – 157 Alexander St.

Glory Market (Carrall @ Water) 400 Copies in FRONT

Blakes Expresso – 221 Carrall St.

Inform – 99 Water Street



The Met

Live Stock

Waterfront Station


Clubcard – #100-1252 Burrard St.

Bambu cafe – 301 West Cordova St.

Biz Books – 302 West Cordova St.

Prodigal Son – 303 W Cordova St.

Dream – 311 West Cordova St.

Java Cat – 401 West Cordova St.

Blunt Brothers – 317 West Hastings St.

Beat Street – Hastings @ Seymour


Dub Shop – 1758 West 4th St.

Westbeach – 1766 West 4th

Pacific Boarding – 1793 4th St.

Cat`s Meow – 1540 Old Bridge (Granville Island)

Emily Carr (Cafeteria – 100 copies) (Granville Island)

Zulu Records – 1972 West 4th

Sophie`s Cosmic Caf̩ Р2095 West 4th

Duthie Books (on 4th)


Limelight Video (Broadway & Alma)

Plenty – 2803 West Broadway

Regal Beagle – 2281 West Broadway

Bean Around The World – 1945 Cornwall


Axis Salon – 1111 Georgia St.

Cafe S’il Vous Plait – 500 Robson St.

Salon Storm – 548 Robson St.

John Fluevog – 837 Granville St.

Hitz Boutique – 716 Robson St.

Aritzia Clothing – 1110 Robson St.

Below The Belt – 1131 Robson St.

Chop Shop – Granville @ Nelson

Sacred Heart – 725 Nelson St.

The Tempelton – 1087 Granville St.

Pacific Cinemateque – 1131 Howe St.

Boomtown Records – 1252 Burrard St.

The Dish – 1068 Davie St.

Jupiter – 1216 Bute St.

Obstruction – 1112 Davie St.

Melriches – 1244 Davie St.

Little Sisters – 1238 Davie St.

Balthazar – 1215 Bidwell St.

Bojangles Cafe – 785 Denman St.

Soup Spoons – 990 Denman St.

Delany`s Coffee – 1105 Denman St.


Yaletown Market – 1002 Mainland

Global Atomic Designs – 1025 Mainland

Moods Salon – 1070 Mainland

Intravenus – 1072 Mainland

Bambo Salon – 1127 Mainland

Beauty Mark – 1140 Hamilton St.

Seattle`s Best Coffee – 1137 Hamilton St.

Soho Cafe – 1144 Homer St.

Steam Rollers – 437 Davie St.

Brooklyn Clothing – 418 Davie St.)

NOT a complete list. Sorry.

  1. christine gibson

    Myfanwy MacLeod: Where I Lived, and What I Lived For,
    Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
    from January 20 to March 19, 2006

    Pay no attention to the musty buildup that has become this home. Such rotten filth has been accumulating for years, but you just go ahead and forget about it. Sip up another Glenfiddich, while Myfanwy McLeod rearranges, rearranges, rearranges the dark. It’s a growth that can seep in through the Gate, the Mailslot, the Entrance, the Hallway, and the door Ajar. Don’t bother trying to sweep it up. You’ll never get past it all to a finally clean surface, at least, not until you have another toke. Your eyes are huge, but if you have the Torso of A Young Girl and you’re hovering 48” above the viewer with a sheet over your head then nobody will notice. You need not be concerned because you know what you’re living for; maybe it’s a deep pile bound carpet that’s just been recently vacumed. Or maybe you’re living for the difference between a grow-operation and a greenhouse. You know what to do with a Loose Box of Dangerous Electricals and dangling candelabras. Perhaps you’re even a City Employee or a Princess X. If that’s true, then don’t let the blue-clouded sky get you down. Obviously, you know how to get past any detritus that can gather both force and momentum. You probably know all about how to rid yourself of that pesky carrot mould growing on an Edge both concave and convex. So, don’t bother seeing this exhibition afterall; it must not be for you.

    written by Christine Gibson
    (604) 683-1364 - Jan 25, 11:04 PM

  2. Gölök ZLF Buday

    Dagnabbit, It be nice at Mario’s Coffee Express, but I miss picking it up at book Warehouse, now it’s nowhere I go normally or pass by that I can think of. Or at least drop in.
    Nice coverage good to know wink wink, yeah I am getting to it ASAP Darren, I have gotten into some massive time consumption so advertising shot back aside from Adbrite.


    Gölök Zoltán Leenderdt Franco Buday
    “Liberty is not collective, it is personal. All liberty is individual liberty.” — Calvin Coolidge (1873-1933), 30th US President Source: Speech, 1924

    - Jan 31, 02:09 PM

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